Liberal Arts and Sciences in Birmingham

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The city of Birmingham has a tradition of pioneering innovation and of welcoming fresh perspectives from all areas of the world. From the Industrial Revolution to cutting-edge science, and across the arts and heritage sectors Birmingham has always been at the forefront of the modern world.

Closely connected to Britain's other major cities, the city of Birmingham's world-leading cultural and civic attractions complement the University’s own rich heritage.

Our partnerships with key regional organisations such as Birmingham City Council and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra allows us to offer you the experience and benefits of a living and learning in a truly global city, against the backdrop of one of Britain's most beautiful campuses.

One of Europe’s most exciting destinations, Birmingham is brimming with life and culture, making it a wonderful place to live, study and work. The city offers culture and diversity, and most of our students fall in love with the city – around 40% of our graduates choose to make Birmingham their home. 

As part of the Liberal Arts and Sciences degree we include a walking tour of the city during your first term at the University. You will be amazed to find a rich and historical culture and social history, and to find yourself belonging to a dynamic and thriving city.

Birmingham is also nestled in some beautiful English countryside, only a stone’s throw from Shakespeare’s Stratford-on-Avon and the Cotswolds.



For more detailed information, check out Visit Birmingham’s website.