China Talks event: After Occupy - What next for political reform in Hong Kong? 21st January 2015

The University of Birmingham Chinese Society, in association with Liberal Arts and Sciences, invites you to their first CHINA TALKS event: AFTER OCCUPY - WHAT NEXT FOR POLITICAL REFORM IN HONG KONG?

When: Wednesday 21st of January 2015, 4pm-6pm

Where: G51, European Research Institute (ERI) Building

Occupy Central - the largest ever political protest in the history of Hong Kong, and the most nerving the Central Chinese government has seen in 25 years. 

What were the causes of the Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong? What effects did they have and what do they mean for the future of Hong Kong? What are the implications for Hong Kong’s future governance and its relation with the Central Government in Beijing? 

Roderic Wye (Chatham House) will be coming to Birmingham to answer these questions and many more!

To attend and take part in the online discussions sign up here:!/c10y5

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