Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences student perspective: Charlie

We spoke to Charlie about the LANS Community, subject choices and future plans...

LANS student Charlie"I chose to study LANS as I really enjoyed studying multiple subjects at A-Level and found elements of the course, such as the Cultural Programme, really attractive as something with which to supplement my academic studies with. I started off majoring in Philosophy, but, having had the opportunity to discover new subject s like Anthropology which I had never studied before, I now major in Sustainability and take modules predominantly from Economics, Geography and Anthropology. The flexibility of the course and modules is something which has really defined my university experience as I have been able to study topics I am genuinely always interested in and which fit with my career and academic goals that have developed over time.

I very much enjoy and appreciate the unique community atmosphere of LANS and the willingness of students and staff to engage in topical conversations and interesting discussions wherever they can. Because it is a relatively small course which has a lot of student input into things like the cultural programme, it feels very close-knit at times and that everyone is interested in what others are up to - which is lovely! While studying at the University of Birmingham I have also had the opportunity to undertake a virtual internship in my second year supported by the university, as well as joining societies such as the environmental society which have helped me gain valuable skills and experience as well as making new friendships and connections with others.

Now in my final year, I am looking to enter the public sector after university, looking at local government, charities and the civil service for roles. So far, I am in the middle of applications but have had success up to interview stages which has been encouraging! I’ve found the resources and support from the Career Network really useful for job applications and interview preparation and would recommend any current or prospective student to take a look at those whichever stage of career-planning you’re in."