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Our prestigious Liberal Arts and Sciences programme is designed for talented students who want to study a variety of subjects at degree level.

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Each student creates their own unique programme which combines arts and/or sciences and/or social sciences. You will typically pick one subject, your Major, which will serve as your specialism. This is then complemented with subjects suiting your interests to give you an original portfolio of expertise at graduation.

To see our flexibility, you can view examples of real student pathways. As you can see, every programme is unique to the student.

Liberal Arts and Sciences BA / BSc / MArt / MSci 

Discover a broad range of subjects with our innovative Liberal Arts and Sciences programme. You can combine arts and/or sciences and/or social sciences.

Natural Sciences BSc / MSci

Our Natural Sciences route through the Liberal Arts and Sciences programme will allow you to focus on the sciences and graduate with a Natural Sciences degree title. However, you will still have the option to study arts and social sciences content should you wish.

Open day talk

Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences undergraduate open day talk 2018