Study Liberal Arts and Sciences

Make important things happen and be part of the next generation of leaders.

Liberal Arts and Sciences student studying and writing on padFinding solutions to big problems and forging new interdisciplinary connections is exciting, but developing the next generation of leaders is our main educational aim. Drawing upon expertise across the arts and sciences, our unique and distinctive programme can open your intellectual curiosity.

Whether you're interested in uncovering the past, advancing scientific discovery, or learning how power is won, we have a route for you.  

Liberal Arts and Sciences BA / BSc / MArt / MSci 

Discover a broad range of subjects with our innovative and unique Liberal Arts and Sciences programme. You can combine Arts, Sciences and Social Sciences - either one, two or all three of these areas.

Natural Sciences BSc / MSci

Our Natural Sciences route through the Liberal Arts and Sciences programme will allow you to focus on the sciences and graduate with a Natural Sciences degree title. However, you will still have the option to study Arts and Social Sciences content should you wish.

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