Alex Ede

B.Sc. Maths with Psychology - 2008

Currently: Associate-Corporate Finance Transaction Services, Deloitte & Touche LLP

"Academically, Birmingham is great: you're left to your own devices to get the grades you deserve, with lecturers really helpful in explaining any areas you may be struggling in. " 

Update for 2009

I am still working in Corporate Finance at Deloitte and really enjoying it.  I am now part qualified as an accountant, with just three exams to go.  I feel that in the last year I have learnt so much and grown in confidence hugely.  Studying maths at Birmingham certainly lay a good foundation to this confidence through friends, societies and lecturers met.  Additionally, the structure of the maths course at Birmingham, with a focus on exams, really helped with the accountancy exams I have had to take for my job.  They are extremely time pressured with a huge quantity of information required to be learnt, but I felt I could cope considerably better with this compared to my peers due to my prior experience. 

Overall I feel very lucky to be where I am now and feel I owe a lot of this to my time at Birmingham.

How have you got where you are today, from your student days?

University gave me a great confidence boost, allowing me to apply for a job I never dreamt I would have attained.Through student life; social, academic and sports, I developed a great ambition to not only enjoy my life but to push myself to discover what my potential really is.

What were the best things about the education that you received at Birmingham?

The best thing about the education I received at Birmingham has to be socially. Birmingham is a great place to meet new people, party and try new sports and hobbies.  I joined the rowing squad as a novice and I believe this really built an increase drive within me to exceed that expected of me and I have certainly carried this through to the rest of my life. Academically Birmingham is great, you're left to your own devices to get the grades you deserve, with lecturers really helpful in explaining any areas you may be struggling in.

How did your time at Birmingham influence your career path? Did it do so directly or indirectly?

I think my time at Birmingham did indirectly direct my career path. Before starting at Uni I always thought I would go into accountancy, but largely because I wasn't aware of what else I could really do. After finding out about internship schemes for the summer of my penultimate year, I was lucky enough to gain a invaluable insight into the financial world, and really become aware of what other options were available to me, rather than the typical, and somewhat dull, role in audit!

Other than your qualification in your subject area, what other skills do you think your time at Birmingham developed?

As mentioned earlier I think Birmingham has really developed my personal skills. I'm much more confident and willing to approach anyone, of any seniority, which is invaluable in the working world. Further to this I have greatly improved my time management skills; when you have a psychology essay, maths work and an important race to train for you quickly learn how to order priorities and take advantage of every minute!

What advice would you give to current students studying on your degree programme?

I would certainly advise to join as many clubs as possible, and take advantage of every opportunity offered. Also, try to keep on top of your work! Leaving all the psychology reading and maths questions set until a few weeks before exams really isn't the best way forward, although, if it's a choice between reading and FAB I know which I chose!

What are your memories of student social life?

Student social life is brilliant. Birmingham is a fantastic city to be a student in, with several choices of clubs each evening with a huge variety of music. The Student Union holds many nights as well, the best most definitely being FAB on a Saturday night, still deeply missed!

What were your expectations of the City of Birmingham and how did your expectations of the City match your experience?

I wasn't really too sure what to expect of the city of Birmingham. I knew there was some great shopping, and a wide range of nightlife, both of which didn' disappoint. However I must say it was much cleaner with some fairly pretty areas, which was a great surprise, but as expected this was all hidden and intermingled with the less glamorous rather more grey areas!

Is there anything else you wish to add about your experience at the University of Birmingham and the city in general?

I think that Birmingham really helped me grow into the stronger person that I am now. I've graduated with some fantastic memories of student life, both socially and academically, and great lifelong friends. I've learnt a new sport that I never thought I would have the opportunity to do, and I must say, I even started to enjoy proofs by the end of the three years!