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The Birmingham Mathematical Institute is supported by the University of Birmingham College of Engineering and Physical Sciences to promote mathematics research in pure and applied mathematics, statistics and their multidisciplinary applications.  On this page we catalogue workshops and conferences, and visitors supported by the Institute.  For information on forthcomings seminars please see the seminars page.




Banach Spaces 2012: 6-9 June 2012
Organisers: Olga Maleva (Birmingham) and David Preiss(Warwick)

Group theory afternoon: 10 May 2012
Organisers: Simon Goodwin and Chris Parker

Buble Dynamics: 19-20 April 
Organiser: Qianxi Wang


Geometric presentations of finite and infinite groups: 17-23 July 2011
Organisers: Ralf Gramlich, Kay Magaard, Chris Parker, and Sergey Shpectorov

LMS Workshop on Tropical Mathematics: 28 June 2011
Organiser: Peter Butkovic

LMS Midlands regional meeting on representation theory in modern mathematics and LMS workshop on representation theory:  14-18 June 2011
Organisers: Simon Goodwin (Birmingham) and Dmitriy Rumynin (Warwick)

BAMC 2011:  11-13 April
Organisers:  David Needham,  Michael Grove, Tomas  Johansson, John Leach, David  Leppinen, Daniel Loghin, David Smith and Jamal Uddin


"The distribution of pseudoprimes" by Richard Pinch of GCHQ: 26 November
Organiser: Simon Goodwin

Harmonic Analysis and PDE Workshop: 25-26 November
Organisers: Jonathan Bennett, Neal Bez & Susana Gutiérrez

Meeting to mark the retirement of Rob Curtis : 10 November
Organiser: Chris Parker

Fuel Cells Modelling and Applications : 30 September-1 October
Organiser: Jamal Uddin

LMS Popular Lectures 2010 : 29 September
Organiser: Chris Sangwin

Parametric Optimization & Related Topics X: 20-24 September

British Logic Colloquium: 2-4 September
Organiser: Eike Ritter (Computer Science)

2nd IMA Conference on Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimisation: 13-15 September
Organisers: Michal Kocvara and Daniel Loghin

Recent trends in applied inverse problems:  19-20 July
Organiser:  Tomas Johansson

13th Galway Topology Colloquium: 13-15 July
Organisers: Andy Barwell and Lylah Haynes

Exploring Interactions in Mathematics, Biology and Computer Science: 24 June
Organiser: Andy Barwell

Group Theory Day:  26 April
Organiser:  Paul Flavell

Current and past visitors

Regular Visitors
Dr Tung Le, Aberdeen, visiting Kay Magaard
Dr Didier Henrion, CNRS Toulouse,  visiting Michal Kocvara
Dr Inna Capdeboscq, Warwick, visiting Chris Parker
Professor Peter Rowley, Manchester, visiting Chris Parker
Dr Alina Vdovina, Newacastle, visiting Corneliu Hoffman


Professor M Fiedler, Prague, visiting Peter Butkovic
Dr Mujahid Abbas, Pakistan, visiting Sandor Nemeth
Professor Atanu Biswas, Calcutta, visiting Apratim Guha
Professor Hans Schneider, Wisconsin,  visiting Peter Butkovic
Professor Samuel Friedland, Chicago, visiting Peter Butkovic


Professor Armin Dekorsy, Bremen, visiting Jan Ruckmann
Dr Alexander Konovalov, St Andrews, visiting Sergey Shpectorov
Professor Brian Raines, Baylor, Texas, visiting Andy Barwell and Chris Good
Dr Rebecca Waldecker, Halle, visiting Chris Parker and Paul Flavell
Dr Daniel Ralph, Cambridge, visiting Michal Kocvara
Dr Paul Levy, Lancaster, visiting Simon Goodwin
Professor George Glauberman, Chicago, visiting Paul Flavell
Professor Richard Weiss, Tufts, visiting Chris Parker
Professor Elmas Irmak, Bowling Green, USA, visiting Sergey Shpectorov
Professor Luka Neralic, Zagreb, visiting Jan Ruckmann
Professor Helmut Volklein, Essen, visiting Kay Magaard
Professor Alexander Shapiro, Georgia Tech, visiting Jan Ruckmann
Dr Rieuwert Blok, Bowling Green, USA  visiting Corneliu Hoffman
Professor Sergio Macias, UNAM Mexico City, visiting Chirs Good and Lylah Haynes
Dr Paul Levy, Lancaster, visiting Ralf Gramlich
Dr Betsy Stovall, UCLA, visiting Neal Bez
Professor Charlie Macaskill, Sydney, visiting John Blake and the Bubbles Group
Professor Armin Dekorsy, Bremen, visiting Jan Ruckmann
Dr Rebecca Waldecker, Halle,  visiting Chris Parker and Paul Flavell
Dr Maurizio Martino, Bonn, visiting Simon Goodwin
Professor Paul Kenis, Urbana Champagne, visiting Jamal Uddin
Jon Hall, Michigan State University, visiting Rob Curtis and Sergey Shpectorov
Professor Javier Duoandikoetxea, Universidad del Pais Vasco, visiting Susana Gutierrez