BPML Dr Nira Chamberlain


Mathematics: The Queen of Science


Dr Nira Chamberlain CMATH FIMA CSci

In Scientific and Engineering Great Discoveries, mathematics seems to play a supporting role to these important disciplines. However, there is one field in which mathematics is the Queen of Science; Mathematical Modelling. Mathematical modelling has always played a leading role in human achievements. From the discovery of Blacks Holes and the Planet Neptune to driving BloodHound Land-speed record attempt of next year.

Nevertheless, is there a Star-Wars 'dark side' of mathematical modelling? Was mathematical modelling responsible for the World Economical Crash of 2008? Will mathematical modelling create automated robots that will surpass human intelligence and enslave us? 

The Birmingham Popular Mathematics Lectures are open to all members of the public and the University who are interested in the study of Mathematics. They are particularly suitable for those studying Mathematics at A Level and we also welcome advanced GCSE students. Young people are welcome on their own, with parents or with a school group.

The lectures are free of charge and in general there is no need to register. The lectures start at 7.30pm and last one hour, please arrive in the Watson building from 7pm onwards. 

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