LMS Popular Lectures 2017

Bramall Music Building - Elgar Concert Hall (R12 on campus map)
Wednesday 20 September 2017 (18:30-21:00)

Eleanor Mestel e.r.h.mestel@bham.ac.uk

The London Mathematical Society Popular Lectures present exciting topics in mathematics and its applications to a wide audience. The LMS Popular Lectures usually feature two lecturers who have been chosen for their mathematical distinction and communication skills. The Society aims to present a wide range of mathematical topics in the lectures, which are suitable for all who have an interest in mathematics.

The Popular Lectures are a free annual event held during either June or July in London and repeated in late September at another venue in the UK. For the past few years this has been Birmingham. 

Speakers - 20 September 2017 - starting 18.30

18:30 David Tong (University of Cambridge)

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Physics in Mathematics

For centuries there has been a close relationship between mathematics and theoretical physics. For the most part, this involved physicists gleefully using ideas previously developed by mathematicians. In the past few decades, that relationship has taken a surprising twist: in their quest to understand Nature, physicists have developed new tools, such as quantum field theory and string theory, which are providing insight into questions in pure mathematics.

20:00 Jason Lotay (University College London)

Adventures in the 7th Dimension

In 7 dimensions there exist special shapes that may help us unlock the mysteries of the universe. Looking for this unique geometry is challenging, but nature holds a possible solution (specifically, bubbles and thermodynamics). This lecture will take us on a mathematical journey across multiple dimensions, exploring their role in art, science and popular culture.

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