BPML Dr Will Perkins

Watson Building - Lecture Theatre A (R15 on campus map)
Wednesday 19 October 2016 (19:30-20:30)

Kat Grover (Mathematics School Liaison and Outreach Officer)


Packing disks and spheres: the mathematics of water and ice

Dr Will Perkins - School of Mathematics - University of Birmingham

Why do liquids freeze to solids?  

While this is one of the most basic of scientific questions, there is still much that we don’t understand. I will describe one approach to answering this question involving the cooperation of experimental physicists, theoretical phsyicists, computer scientists and pure mathematicians.   Our story begins in pre-revolutionary France, then moves to atomic research in Los Alamos, to modern Big Data algorithms, and finally to cutting-edge research in physics and mathematics. 

Along the way we will discuss the role of mathematical proof and computer simulation in the scientific process.

The Birmingham Popular Mathematics Lectures are open to all members of the public and the University who are interested in the study of Mathematics. They are particularly suitable for those studying Mathematics at A Level and we also welcome advanced GCSE students. Young people are welcome on their own, with parents or with a school group.

The lectures are free of charge and in general there is no need to register. The lectures start at 7.30pm and last one hour, please arrive in the Watson building from 7pm onwards. 

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