Women leading in science and mathematics lectures

This lecture series will be given by female academics who are leaders in their fields of research. Open to all who are interested in the study of mathematics. Particularly suitable for undergraduate mathematics students. Hosted by the School of Mathematics at the University of Birmingham. All welcome to attend. The lectures are free of charge and will be followed by refreshments.

13th February 2013

Dr Kamila Zychaluk

University of Liverpool

"Statistical model for changes in coral reefs"

Venue: LRC (Watson Building)
Time: 13:00hrs


27th February 2013

Dr Rebecca Waldecker 

Martin Luther Universitat Halle Wittenberg

"Permutation groups"

Venue: LRA (Watson Building)
Time: 14:00hrs


6th March 2013

Dr Anne Juel 

University of Manchester

"Confining bubbles in small spaces: instabilities and pattern formation on the pore scale"

Venue: LRA (Watson Building)
Time: 14:00hrs


WSML 13 March 201313th March 2013

Professor Helen Byrne 

University of Oxford

"Blazing a trail from combustion to cancer: a perspective from a female mathematician"

Venue: LRA (Watson Building)
Time: 13:00hrs


WSML 20 March 201320th March 2013

Dr Rachel Camina

University of Cambridge

"The story of the Nottingham Group - so far"

Venue: LRA (Watson Building)
Time: 14:00hrs