Professor Chris Parker

Professor Chris Parker

School of Mathematics
Professor of Pure Mathematics

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School of Mathematics
Watson Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

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  • BSc (Birmingham)
  • MSc (Manchester)
  • PhD (Mathematics, Manchester 1988)

Postgraduate supervision

Chris Parker’s recent research has been focused on theorems designed to recognise simple groups from some fragment of their p-local subgroup structure. These theorems are intended to be used in the projects aimed at understanding the classification of the finite simple group. For example, together with others, he has shown that many of the finite simple groups can be identified from the structure of the centraliser of an element of order $3$. He is also interested in research which applies the classification of finite simple groups. In work with Kay Magaard (Birmingham) and Ben Fairbairn (Birkbeck) he has determined those quasisimple groups which can be used to construct a Beauville surface.


Recent publications


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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Magaard, K & Parker, C 2015, Remarks on lifting Beauville structures of quasisimple groups. in I Bauer, S Garion & A Vdovina (eds), Beauville Surfaces and Groups. Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, Springer, pp. 121-128, Beauville Surfaces and Groups Conference, 2012, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, 7/06/12.


Capdeboscq, I & Parker, C 2015, What are the C2-groups? in Groups St Andrews 2013. Cambridge University Press, pp. 194-208.

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