Dr Daniel Galvis

Daniel Galvis

Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research
SMQB Centre Fellow

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University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Galvis is a biomathematician focusing on the simulation and analysis of dynamical systems to study how networks interact to generate complex behaviours. During his PhD, Daniel was focused on developing models of the neural architecture required for adult song production in zebra finches. He is currently working on developing biomarkers for epilepsy surgery using network analysis and modelling techniques on non-invasive neuroimaging data, studying motility in microorganisms using molecular dynamics simulations, and developing models of senescence in cultured human fibroblasts. He is also interested in applying these techniques to networks in endocrinology.

Part of the Centre for Systems, Modelling and Quantitative Biomedicine

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  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow University of Exeter 2018 – 2020
  • Doctor of Philosophy Biomathematics 2018
  • Master of Science Biomathematics 2014
  • Bachelor of Science (Summa Cum Laude) Biomathematics 2012
  • (3 degrees from Florida State University)


Dr Galvis received his PhD from Florida State University in 2018 while working on the neural networks involved in adult birdsong production. After his PhD, he moved to the University of Exeter, where he began working on biomarkers for epilepsy surgery with a group of clinicians and neuroimaging experts at the University of Melbourne in Australia. He also began working on short, pump-priming “seed corn” projects, which allowed him to explore questions in cell biology, structural biology, and endocrinology. He will begin working as a research fellow for the Centre for Systems Modelling and Quantitative Biomedicine at the University of Birmingham in February 2020, where he will continue his current work and develop new collaborations modelling systems in endocrinology and neuroendocrinology.


Epilepsy, Diabetes, Stress and Surgery, Birdsong, Cell Motility

Dynamical Systems Modelling, Network Analysis, Time Series Analysis, MD Simulations

Systems Biology, Computational Neuroscience, Computational Biology

Research Groups and Centres

Centre for Systems Modelling and Quantitative Biomedicine 


D Galvis, W Wu, RL Hyson, F Johnson, R Bertram, Interhemispheric Dominance Switching in a Neural Network Model for Birdsong, Journal of Neurophysiology, 120:3:1186-1197, 2018.

D Galvis, W Wu, RL Hyson, F Johnson, R Bertram, A Distributed Neural Network Model for the Distinct Roles of Medial and Lateral HVC in Zebra Finch Song Production, Journal of Neurophysiology, 118.2:677-692, 2017.

D Galvis, D Walsh, L Harries, E Latorre, J Rankin, A dynamical systems model for the measurement of cellular senescence. 16. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 2019. http://doi.org/10.1098/rsif.2019.0311.