Titles of past theses

Below is a list of PhD theses submitted by the students of the School of Mathematics.

Thesis library


Abo-Zaid Ghada PhD Statistics Individual patient data meta-analaysis of prognostic factor studies  
Bassi Rachan PhD Applied Mathematics Absolute instability in curved liquid jets   
Che Dzul Kifli Syahida PhD Pure Mathematics Chaotic dynamical systems   
Keen Philip PhD Pure Mathematics Independent sets in some classical groups of dimension three  
Morris Thomas PhD Pure Mathematics Nilpotent injectors in finite groups   
Schlueter Martin PhD Management Maths Nonlinear mixed integer based optimization technique for space applications  
Wang Gehao PhD Pure Mathematics Genus zero systems for primitive groups of affine type   


Abuelela Waleed PhD Pure Mathematics Hardy-type inequalities for non-convex domains   
Ghatei Davoud MPhil(B) Pure Mathematics The Octonions   
Harrison Samuel PhD Pure Mathematics Control of oscillatory convolution operators via maximal functions in weighted L2 inequalities  
Henke Ellen PhD Pure Mathematics Minimal fusion systems   
Hodgskiss Joseph PhD Management Maths Optimisation models and algorithms for multicast message routing and power control in wireless multihop networks  
McInroy Justin PhD Pure Mathematics A family of biaffine geometries and their resulting amalgams  
Mycroft Richard PhD Pure Mathematics The regularity method in directed graphs and hypergraphs   
Tam Kin PhD Management Maths Optimising and approximating eigenvectors in max-algebra   
Wong Tin Lok PhD Pure Mathematics Initial segments and end extensions of models of arithmetic   


Astill Sarah PhD Mathematics Odd characterisations of almost simple groups: 3-local and character theoretic methods  
Atapattu Arachchille Chamila MPhil(B) Pure Mathematics Universal completions of cyclic amalgams of the same type   
Cooley Oliver PhD Pure Mathematics Embedding problems for graphs and hypergraphs   
Curtiss Geoffrey PhD Mathematics Non-linear,non-spherical bubble dynamics near a a two fluid interface  
Farah Ali MPhil(B) Applied Maths Generalized and quadratic eigenvalue problems with Hermitian matrices  
Ghufran Syed MPhil(B) Applied Maths The computation of matrix functions in particular, the matrix exponential  
Gurney Christopher PhD Applied Mathematics The stability and control of curved liquid jet break-up   
Hussain Zahir PhD Applied Mathematics Stability and transition of three-dimensional rotating boundary layers  
Iqbal Raja MPhil(B) Applied Maths Computation of the nodes and weights for gaussian quadratur rule by using Jacobi's method  
Kelly Luke PhD Pure Mathematics On cycles in directed graphs   
Lu I-Chen MPhil(B) Management Maths Robust portfolio optimization   
Naegele Philipp PhD Management Maths An infeasible-path-following algorithm for nonlinear multiobjective optimisation problems  
Ogilvy Iver PhD Mathematics Fluid dynamics of underwater explosions   
Semeraro Jason MPhil(B) Pure Mathematics ZJ - type theorems for fusion systems   
Sosa Paz Carlos PhD Mathematics Numerical optimisation methods for power consumption in multi-hop mobiles phones networks  
Sprittles James PhD Applied Mathematics Dynamic wetting / dewetting processes in complex liquid-solid systems  
Tong Viet Hung PhD Pure Mathematics Rank 3 permutation characters and maximal subgroups   
Tsonev Dragomir MPhil(B) Pure Mathematics Simple lie algebras and their classifications   



Name Title Degree
Al Dhafeeri, S Characters of multiply transistive groups PhD Mathematics
Aminu, A Max-algebraic linear systems and programs PhD Mathematics
Badger, M Braid orbits on primitive permutation groups of degree 8 and 16 MPhil(B) Pure Mathematics
Bailey, A Almost everywhere convergence of dyadic partial sums of Fourier series for almost periodic functions MPhil(B) Pure Mathematics
Borio Penaloza, S Algebra in non standard models PhD Mathematics
Boston, E Effects of incorporating toxic constraints to predictions of optimal chemotherapy scheduling PhD Applied Mathematics
Cerval-Pena, ER Automated formative computer-aided assessment with ordinary differential equations MPhil(B) Math Education
Culverhouse, N The hydrodynamic stability of crossflow vortices in Bodewadt boundary layer PhD Applied Mathematics
Dokka, TVS Reachability of a steady state MPhil(B) Management Mathematics
Fairbairn, B On the symmetric generation of finite groups PhD Pure Mathematics
Fallatah, A Coxeter groups MPhil(B) Pure Mathematics
Fellows, JM Some novel exactly soluble potentials related to the harmonic and isotonic oscillators MPhil(B) Applied Mathematics
Li, S Rank reversal properties of multicriteria decision making models MPhil(B) Management Mathematics
Mohsin, M Kuzmak's method for the two-dimensional navier-stokes equations MPhil(B) Mathematics
Monro, HC The incorporation of non-linear tumour growth models within the simulation of chemotherapy protocol scheduling PhD Mathematics
Montenegro Villota, A Usability of websites MPhil(B) Management Mathematics
Wakeley, P Optimisation and properties of gamete transport PhD Applied Mathematics
Wang, G Elementary number theory, group theory and graph X^{p,q} MPhil(B) Pure Mathematics




Name Title Degree
Andrews, J Long slender solid oxide fuel cells PhD Mathematics
Chan, E Testing constancy of regression quantiles using generalised sign test PhD Mathematics
Collings, T Acoustic cavitation in sonochemistry PhD Applied Mathematics
Dhanoa, H Flexural - Gravity waves and second harmonic waves MPhil(B) Applied Mathematics
Grammatika, M Transport phenomena associated with complex fluid in microfluidics MPhil(B) Mathematics
Lin, L Centrifugal instability of wake dominated curved compressible mixed layers PhD Mathematics
Marshall, A Construction of prognostic models in the presence of missing covariate data PhD Mathematics
Morris, TBS Topics in Group Theory MPhil(B) Mathematics
Shuib, A The multi-level and threshold-based heuristics for the vehicle routing problem with time windows PhD Mathematics
Uddin, J An investigation into methods to control breakup and droplet formation in single and compound liquid jets PhD Mathematics
Young, A Studies in algebraic combinatorics PhD Pure Mathematics




Name Title Degree
Allsup, J On groups and initial segments in nonstandard models of Peano arithmetic PhD Mathematics
Brown, S Dynamics of oscillating bubbles PhD Mathematics
Cao, J Histogram estimation of hazard rate function MPhil(B) Mathematics
Clelland, M Towards a classification of saturated fusion systems over a Sylow p-subgroup of SL3 (pn) PhD Mathematics
Cox, BJ New models for multilateral mode semiconductor lasers PhD Applied Mathematics
Fenlon, J Stochastic modelling of functional response data PhD Mathematics
Fowler, R Spherical nilpotent orbits in positive characteristic PhD Pure Mathematics
Fowler, R A 3-local characterization of the Thompson sporadic simple group PhD Pure Mathematics
Lewis, S On the best principal submatrix problem PhD Management Mathematics
Parker, T Sarkovskii's theorem and chaotic dynamical systems MPhil(B) Pure Mathematics
Partridge, L An experimental and theoretical investigation into the break-up of curved liquid jets in the prilling process PhD Applied Mathematics
van Gans, M Topics in trivalent graphs PhD Mathematics
Whyte, S Symmetric generation: Permutation images and irreducible monomial representations PhD Mathematics
Yu, XZ Variable neighbourhood search for portfolio optimization PhD Mathematics





Name Title Degree
Al-Roqi, AM Finite soluble groups generated by a conjugacy class and their fitting height PhD Mathematics
Baffa, AB Mathematical investigation of the planar-flow spin casting process PhD Applied Mathematics
Barraclough, RW Some calculations related to the Monster Group PhD Mathematics
Bate, ME The number of homomorphisms from finite groups to classical groups PhD Mathematics
Gomez Cano, MC Computational Methods for simple Amalgams applied to (Sym (3), Sym (5)) Amalgams PhD Mathematics
Haynes, L Monotonizations of Countable Paracompactness PhD Mathematics
Maflahi, Nl Theory of explosions and detonations for a three-step chain-branching chemistry model PhD Mathematics
Ndam, J Fluid Mechanics Associated with a Detached Retina MPhil(B) Applied Mathematics
Nickerson, SJ An atlas of characteristic zero representations PhD Mathematics
Shaw, AJ Coalescence of two liquid volumes PhD Mathematics
Smith, DJ Modelling muco-ciliary transport in the lung PhD Applied Mathematics
Yao, J Chaos-based digital communication systems: Evaluation and optimization PhD Mathematics




Name Title Degree
Al-Khedhairi, A A vertex p-centre problem: heuristics and exact algorithms PhD Mathematics
Allen, DJ The boundary element method and its application to ocular fluid flow PhD Mathematics
Bradley, JD Symmetric presentations of two sporadic groups PhD Mathematics
Goodwin, SM Relative springer isomorphisms and the conjugacy classes in slow p-subgroups of chevalley groups PhD Mathematics
Hiller, L Evaluation of the statistical validation of questionnaires for use as outcome measures in clinical trials PhD Mathematics
Im, MS Nonstandard approach to Hausdorff measure theory and an analysis of some sets of dimension less than 1 MPhil(B) Pure Mathematics
Kirk, SP Pressure singularities within surface tension driven flows PhD Mathematics
Reyes-Montiel, C Combining Ant System heuristics and exact methods for the problem of room allocation and university course timetabling MPhil (Research) Mathematics
Sanderson, RM Liquid bridges between spherical particles PhD Mathematics
Simonidis, K Travelling wave envelopes in parametrically excited surface waves PhD Mathematics
Smithies, RG Neural network Heuristics for Real-World Classification: an Application to Predict Cancer Recurrence PhD Mathematics
Subiarto An oil-water interface model in an oil reservoir MPhil(B) Mathematics
Young, A Studies in Algebraic Combinatorics PhD Pure Mathematics
Zainuddin, Z Constructive and tabu search heuristics for capacitated continuous location-allocation problem PhD Mathematics





Name Title Degree
Adamson, F Propagating reaction fronts in zirconia tubes PhD Mathematics
Alghamdi, A The ordinary weight conjecture and dades projective conjecture for p-blocks with an extra special defect group PhD Mathematics
Amponsah, SK An investigation of a class of capacitated arc routing problems: the collection of garbage in developing countries PhD Mathematics
Cox, EJ The source signature due to the close interaction of marine seismic airguns PhD Mathematics
Hendren, S Extra special defect groups PhD Mathematics
Maroti, A Permutation groups and representation theoretic invariants PhD Mathematics
Morey, PS The (g3,2ln) - and (g3,gn) - amalgams of characteristic 2 and critical distance 3 PhD Mathematics
Spanos, P Sequence spaces with modulus functions, mapping theorems and statistical convergence PhD Mathematics
Suckling, PM The impact and spreading of a drop on a surface PhD Mathematics
Tan, M Extended Poisson process modelling of count data MPhil(B) Statistics
Zychaluk, K Application of noise in nonparametric curve estimation PhD Mathematics




Name Title Degree
Currie, RH Distribution management: an investigation into a full-load, multi-terminal, vehicle scheduling problem with backhauling and time windows PhD Mathematics
Bagkavos, D Bias reduction in non parametric hazard rate estimation PhD Mathematics
Hardy, PD Aspects of abstract and profinite group theory PhD Mathematics
Pearson, A Hydrodynamics of jet impact in a collapsing bubble PhD Mathematics
Sun, Y On degrees of alternating and special linear groups as quotients of triangle groups PhD Mathematics
Tucker, HL Mathematical modelling of the effects of condensation on glass PhD Mathematics
Wade, AC Constructive and ant system heuristics for a class of vehicle routing problem with backhauls PhD Mathematics
Watson, CE Instabilities of curved, heated mixing layers in meteorological systems PhD Mathematics
Yu-Hsiu, L On the structure of the unitary group U3(7) MPhil(B) Pure Mathematics





Name Title Degree
Bolt, SW Some applications for symmetric generation PhD Mathematics
Cheung, CS A financial package for minitab and a statistical analysis of exchange rates MPhil(B) Statistics
Cole, TR On the stability of fluid flows with variation in tow spatial coordinates PhD Mathematics
Gamal, MDH Constructive and GA-based heuristics for the continuous location-allocation problem PhD Mathematics
Holmes, PE Computing in the Monster PhD Mathematics
Llewellyn, JD Presburger arithmetic and pseudo-recursive saturation PhD Mathematics
Orme, BA Biological mixing and chaos PhD Mathematics
Wallwork, IM The trajectory and stability of a spiralling liquid jet PhD Mathematics




Name Title Degree
Castelluccio, A CMT-automorphisms of Fn PhD Mathematics
Cooper, RJ Flow and reaction in solid oxide fuel cells PhD Mathematics
John, JL An investigation into compliance and the rotating disc PhD Mathematics
Kinns, DJ Multiple case influence analysis with particular reference to the linear model PhD Mathematics
Knapper, AP Derivations on certain banach algebras PhD Mathematics
Murfitt, L Discrete event dynamic systems in max-algebra: Realisation and related combinatorial problems PhD Mathematics
Petch, RJ Constructive and population based heuristics for the vehicle routing problem with multiple trips PhD Mathematics





Name Title Degree
Bovykin, AI On order-types of models of arithmetic PhD Mathematics
Covello, S Minimal parabolic subgroups in the symmetric groups PhD Mathematics
Welch, SB The obnoxious facility location problem PhD Mathematics




Name Title Degree
James, JC The location of protection devices on electrical supply tree networks: Constructive and meta heuristic approaches PhD Mathematics
Preece, S Mathematical methods of chemical clock reaction diffusion and cement hydration PhD Mathematics
Sarkies, JM On stability of compression boundary layers PhD Mathematics
Smith, MG Subgroups of profinite groups PhD Mathematics
Stanley, S Monomial representations and symmetric presentations PhD Mathematics
Turner, SJ Thermal instabilities in the solar corona: The effect of a magnetic heating term PhD Mathematics
Wilson, M Mathematical modeeling of bubble-vortex interactions PhD Mathematics
York, JP Finite axiomatisations of certain groups of lie type PhD Mathematics