BSc Applied Mathematics with Mathematics

This programme promotes the all-round academic development of students through pure and applied mathematics, providing a solid foundation in the discipline.

Students master the basic theory and methods in solving problems of mathematics, acquire the ability to solve practical problems using mathematical knowledge and computer skills, and receive primary training in mathematical research.

Students graduating from this programme receive degrees in BSc Applied Mathematics with Mathematics from the University of Birmingham and Mathematics and Applied Mathematics from Jinan University

Programme content

Year 1

Year 1. All modules are core.
Birmingham taught modulesJinan taught modules
Real Analysis and the Calculus Physical Education I and II
Vectors, Geometry and Linear Algebra Oral English
Algebra and Combinatorics English Listening
Probability and Statistics English Reading and Writing
  Introduction to Mao Zedong thought I and II
  Introduction to principles of Marxism
  Situation and Policy
  Analytical geometry 
  C Programming 
  College Physics I 

Year 2

Year 2. All modules are core.
Birmingham taught modulesJinan taught modules
Multivariable and Vector Analysis Data Structures
Linear Algebra and Linear Programming Abstract Algebra I 
Mathematical Finance  

Year 3

Year 3. 
Birmingham taught core modulesJinan taught core modules
Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization Differential Geometry 
Game Theory General Topology 
Applied Statistics Real Analysis 
Statistical Methods in Economics  
  Jinan taught options modules, select one out of three
   Introduction to Microeconomics 
   Introduction to Macroeconomics 
   Mathematical Experiments 

Year 4

Year 4. Jinan taught core modules.
Undergraduate Internship
Undergraduate Thesis
Year 4. Jinan taught optional modules, select two out of four.
Computational Intelligence
Operational research
Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis