BSc Applied Mathematics with Statistics

This programme places joint emphasis on both the theory and application of statistics. It is aimed at students who have a solid interest in mathematics, statistics, and economics. The theoretical bases of this programme are mathematics and probability theory, including mathematical statistics and statistical surveys, while the practical element includes statistics relating to areas such as social economy, finance, and management.

Students are expected to use statistical software to carry out data analysis, and engage in the development, application and management of statistics. Applications include statistical survey, statistics information management, quantitative analysis, actuarial insurance, and risk management in large enterprises, public institutions, and within the economy as a whole.

Students graduating from this programme receive degrees in BSc Applied Mathematics with Statistics from the University of Birmingham and Statistics with Economics from Jinan University.

Programme content

Year 1

Year 1. All modules are core.
Birmingham taught modulesJinan taught modules
Real Analysis and the Calculus Physical Education I and II
Vectors, Geometry and Linear Algebra English for Academic Purposes: Listening and Speaking
Algebra and Combinatorics English for Academic Purposes: Writing Skills
Probability and Statistics English for Academic Purposes: Reading Skills
  Introduction to Microeconomics 
  Modern History of China 
  Ideological and Moral Cultivation and legal basis
  An introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics I  

Year 2

Year 2. All modules are core.
Birmingham taught modulesJinan taught modules
Multivariable and Vector Analysis Introduction to Macroeconomics
Linear Algebra and Linear Programming Intermediate Microeconomics 
Statistics Statistical Software
Introduction to Mathematical Finance Statistical Survey and Analysis 
  Multivariate Statistical Analysis 
  An introduction to Mao Zedong thought and the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics II
  Introduction to Marxism 

Year 3

Year 3. All modules are core.
Birmingham taught modulesJinan taught modules
Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization Sampling Technique
Game Theory and Multi Criteria Decision Making Bayesian Statistics
Applied Statistics Stochastic Processes
Statistical Methods in Economics  Intermediate Macroeconomics 
  Mathematical Economic Modelling 

Year 4

Year 4. Jinan taught core modules.
Undergraduate Internship
Undergraduate Thesis
Situation and Policy
Innovation and Humanities
Year 4. Jinan taught optional modules, select two out of four.
Nonparametric Statistics
Data Mining
Statistical Modelling
Time Series Analysis