Mathematics reading list

Preparation books

  • "Mathematics: a very short introduction" by Tim Gowers

Algebra and Combinatorics

  • "Discrete mathematics: based on Schaum's outline of theory and problems of discrete mathematics" by Seymour Lipschutz and Marc Lars Lipson
  • "Discrete mathematics" by Amanda Chetwynd and Peter Diggle
  • "A friendly introduction to graph theory" by Fred Buckley and Marty Lewinter
  • "A concise introduction to pure mathematics" by Martin Liebeck
  • "Guide to abstract algebra" by Carol Whitehead
  • "How to prove it : a structured approach" by Daniel J. Velleman

Probability and Statistics

  • "Probability and statistics" by Morris H. DeGroot
  • "Mathematical statistics" by John E. Freund and Ronald E. Walpole
  • "Introduction probability and mathematical statistics" by Vaclav Fabian and James Hannan

Real Analysis and Calculus

  • "Guide to analysis" by F. Mary Hart
  • "Schaum's outline of theory and problems of advanced calculus" by Robert C. Wrede

Vectors Geometry and Linear Algebra

  • "Calculus: a complete course" by Robert A. Adams
  • "Modern engineering mathematics" by Glyn James
  • "Linear algebra with applications" by Jeanne L. Agnew and Robert C. Knapp
  • "Linear algebra : an introduction with concurrent examples" by A. G. Hamilton
  • "Linear algebra and its applications" by Gilbert Strang