Student support

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We take supporting our students very seriously at the Birmingham Medical School. Studying Physician Associate Studies brings with it not only a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction but also times when you may require additional support to aid you through some of the tough and turbulent times you may face. We have a broad range of support available for all our students, from professionally trained staff to dedicated tutors.

Birmingham Medical School houses its own dedicated Student Services Centre which is open to all students studying at the College of Medical and Dental Sciences. The Student Services Centre helps students to settle into university life and supports students to deal with any problems that arise along the way.

Wellbeing support structure

Personal Academic Tutor

  • To be the first point of contact for students with academic concerns, queries and academic development needs.
  • To refer students on where they recognise that a student is in distress or vulnerable, or raises a safeguarding concern, or if they notice something that gives them cause for concern.

Wellbeing Officer

  • A professional staff member with training and knowledge to support students across a range of wellbeing concerns.
  • Acting as a first point of contact or referral the Wellbeing Officer will support students with initial wellbeing concerns, reasonable adjustments, attendance support and extenuating circumstances.
  • Supported by the School and College Senior Tutors and local management.

Senior Tutor

  • To be the senior expert interface between wellbeing considerations, reasonable adjustments and teaching and learning.
  • To provide expert academic advice and guidance to Personal Academic Tutors.
  • To support wellbeing teams in the College with issues relating to a student's academic development.

Personal profile

Kerry Bayliss, Senior Tutor on the Physician Associate programme

Kerry Bayliss

Senior Tutor

  • Physician Associate and Lecturer
  • Community Based Medicine Lead
  • Clinical Skills Lead
  • Welfare Lead
  • Working days: Mondays & Fridays