Dr Zhong-Nan Wang

Dr Zhong-Nan Wang

School of Metallurgy and Materials
Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering

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School of Metallurgy and Materials
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Zhong-Nan Wang is currently an university lecturer at the University of Birmingham. He is teaching computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and airframe design in the Birmingham aerospace programme.

His research aims to reduce environmental impacts of aviation and power generation with less noise emission and higher aerodynamic efficiency. The current research is focused on developing and employing high-fidelity CFD and its associated data-driven analysis to predict, understand and reduce noise and loss/drag generated by unsteady turbulent flows.


• PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Tsinghua University (joint with Cambridge), 2014
• Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA)


Zhong-Nan Wang graduated with the BEng degree (Hons) in 2009 from Xi’an Jiaotong University, which is in the C9 league and located in Xi’an that has been the capitals of 13 dynasties in the Chinese history. He was selected into a PhD program in Tsinghua University with joint study at the Whittle Laboratory in Cambridge under the framework of Low Carbon Energy University Alliances (Tsinghua, Cambridge and MIT). His PhD thesis is on developing low-dissipation and high-resolution numerical methods that enable turbulent eddy-resolving simulation with complex geometries for turbomachinery flows. The developed methods were later incorporated in the Rolls-Royce in-house CFD solver to improve the turbulence eddy resolving capability.

After obtaining the PhD degree in 2014, Zhong-Nan spent a short spell in industry and then returned to Cambridge as a research associate at the Department of Engineering in 2015. In the meantime, he was a postdoctoral research fellow in Trinity Hall (2015-2019) and Lucy Cavendish College (2019-2020). He gradually directed his research into computational aeroacoustics, particularly on developing high-fidelity eddy-resolving methods to tackle the problem of noise generated by turbulence. He collaborated nationally and internationally on this research direction via participating in two EU projects on installed jet noise and fan broadband noise, and being a visiting research fellow on studying fundamental noise source dynamics and optimisation for jet noise reduction in a CTR summer program at Stanford University. He was awarded “the best use of ARCHER” to recognise the outstanding work achieved using the UK national scientific computing facilities and selected into the faces of HPC as a celebration of diversity in HPC community. He was also actively engaged in disseminating his research to general public and won several scientific photo competitions with his research-generated figures, including ARCHER Image Competition and Cambridge Engineering Photography Competition.

In 2020, Zhong-Nan joined the University of Birmingham as a lecturer and is actively involved in developing the Birmingham Aerospace Engineering Programme. In addition to the teaching activities, he is currently setting up a research group and enthusiastically developing his research with particular interest in combining hybrid RANS-LES methods with data-driven approach to predict, understand and reduce turbulence-generated noise.


Airframe Design and Flight Dynamics (2nd year undergraduate)
Computational Fluid Mechanics (3rd year undergraduate)
Individual Research Projects (3rd year undergraduate)
Group Research Projects (4th year undergraduate)

Postgraduate supervision

The PhD topics to supervise:

• Hierarchical geometry and turbulence modelling of turbomachinery flows
• High-fidelity simulation of turbulence-generated noise, particularly for fan and jet noise
• Data-driven analysis of aerodynamic noise sources
Scholarship could be provided via the following routes:
• School/College scholarship (Home/EU students)
• CSC scholarship (Chinese students)
More scholarship routes can be available in the future. Please contact me via email if you are interested in pursuing a PhD or Postdoc project with me.


Research interests

• High-fidelity eddy-resolving simulation, in particular, LES and its hybrids.
• Unsteady aerodynamics and aeroacoustics of jet and turbomachinery, e.g. installed jet noise and fan broadband noise.
• Data-driven analysis of aerodynamic sound sources, including dynamical system approach.

Other activities

Member of UK Turbulence Consortium (UKTC)

Member of ASME, AIAA, and APS
Life Member of Cambridge Philosophical Society


Recent publications


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