The quality of the research work in the School of Metallurgy and Materials has been confirmed by our outstanding performance in successive Research Assessment Exercises.

metallurgy and materials researchWe are justly proud of this international reputation and are keen to maintain it by encouraging high quality students from materials, physics, chemistry, life sciences or engineering backgrounds to apply to undertake research with us.

Our research activities are based on the four areas listed below, although there is broad interaction between the groups.

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Research areas

Alloy Processing

 - Dr H Dong
 - Dr WD Griffiths
 - Dr RM Ward

Characterisation and Modelling

 - Professor IP Jones
 - Professor GF Fernando
 - Professor JN Hay
 - Professor MH Loretto
 - Dr D Hu
 - Dr MJ Jenkins
Dr M Laver
 - Dr AJ Morris
 - Dr A Stamboulis

Engineering Properties of Materials

 - Professor P Bowen
 - Professor HE Evans
 - Dr AJ Davenport
 - Dr SN Kukureka
 - Dr M Strangwood 

Functional Materials Processing

 - Professor JS Abell
 - Professor TW Button
 - Professor IR Harris
 - Dr D Book
 - Dr M Laver
 - Dr CB Ponton