Institute of Physics President's Medal presentation for Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell

The Bramall Music Building
Engineering and Physical Sciences, Lectures Talks and Workshops
Monday 17th July 2017 (19:15-20:45)
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On Monday 17 July the Institute of Physics (IOP) will present Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell with the President's Medal in recognition of her outstanding contributions to Physics and unparalleled record of leadership within the community. 

Following the presentation, Professor Burnell will give a talk reflecting on being a woman in Physics in the United Kingdom over the last 50 years, on making a significant Astrophysical discovery (pulsars) and on combining professional and family life.

Professor Burnell famously discovered the first four pulsars – one of the constituent discoveries that led to the award of the Nobel Prize in Physics to Martin Ryle and Antony Hewish in 1974. In the years following this discovery, pulsars became increasingly significant, and opened up a new branch of Astrophysics. They have since become one of the most powerful quantitative tools in Astrophysics for exploring extreme Physics and testing general relativity.

The President's Medal is awarded on the recommendation of the President of the Institute of Physics (IOP) and agreed by Council. It can be given to both Physicists and non-Physicists who have provided meritorious services in various fields of endeavour which were of benefit to Physics in general and the Institute in particular. The award is given at the rate of one or two per presidency. The first award was made in 1998.