To Here From Eternity - School of Physics and Astronomy

G13, Nuffield building
Engineering and Physical Sciences
Thursday 1st December 2011 (19:30-21:30)
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Dr Mike Simms on the extraordinary story of some ‘ordinary’ meteorites

On December 1st the Astronomical Society presents Dr Mike Simms, former student of the University of Birmingham and now Geology Curator with the National Museums Northern Ireland.

A third of all meteorites are type L Ordinary Chondrites. Ordinary by name perhaps, but every one records an extraordinary story reminiscent of science fiction. They are relics from the earliest days of the Solar System, when countless molten planets orbited through a cloud of radioactive dust. 

Ensuing billions of years saw the now solid minor planets pummelled by catastrophic collisions and subjected to processes and events that flung many out of the Solar System, others into the Sun and, for a few, set them on a collision course with Earth. One of the events recorded in many L Chondrites may even have had a profound influence on the course of life on Earth…

The talk will be held in the Nuffield Building, room G13, from 7:30pm.