Particle Physics Workshop

A half/whole day workshop for 30 maximum primary (or secondary) school students is available on request. The workshop can be run at the University or in your school. Please contact Maria Pavlidou. The workshop includes:

  • Interactive talk on the research that is carried out at CERN, the atomic and sub-atomic structure of matter and the families of particles in the standard model.
  • Interactive demos on how physicists discover what particles are inside atoms without being able to see the particles themselves
  • Workshop 1 where students design and make a model of a subatomic particle using simple materials e.g. plastic balls, plasticine, decorations.
  • Workshop 2 where students write a story, or act a story, on how subatomic particles interact with each other.
  • Happy families game, where students familiarise themselves with the families of particles.
  • Snap game, where students learn the "likes" and "dislikes" of particles and how these affect their interactions.

Below are the resources of the workshop that are available to use:

The workshop has travelled to various primary and secondary schools since 2014 with great success.  This work has been published online, and is available at

The resources of the workshop are currently being translated into Spanish and Greek. We recently trained primary school teachers from Greece on how to use the workshop in their classroom; this initiative was linked to the CREATIONS project. We have also trained Ogden Science Officers of other Universities so that the workshop can be delivered in more parts of the country. For more information on this please contact Dr Jenny Watson (, Regional Representative of The Ogden Trust.

Translation in Greek by Mrs Despoina Armenaki, school teacher of 3rd Primary School of Chios. Greek terminology advise by Prof Christina Kourkoumeli.