Dr Christopher Mayhew BSc, DIC, PhD, FInsP

School of Physics and Astronomy
Reader in Molecular Physics

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School of Physics and Astronomy
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr. C A Mayhew is Head of the Molecular Physics Group.  His group investigates the collisions and interactions of atomic and molecular ions and electrons with gas phase neutral molecular species. This has led to the development of novel instrumentation for studying plasma processes occurring in diverse environments such as the interstellar medium and planetary atmospheres and used in technological processing.




  • PhD in Molecular Physics 1985
  • BSc Hons 1st Class, Imperial college, 1981


Following a PhD from Imperial College, Dr. C A Mayhew undertook a number of research positions in Germany and the States.  He was awarded a Humboldt Fellowship in 1988 prior to his appointment to the School of Physics and Astronomy as a lecturer in 1989 when he joined the Ionic Physics Group.  Since 1990 he has been leading his own research group.




  • Undergraduate Tutorials
  • Second Year Electromagnetism



Postgraduate supervision

Supervision of research PhDs in Molecular Phsyics.





  • Ion-Molecule Chemistry
  • Electron Attachment Processes
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Medical Applications  


Other activities


  • Honorary Senior Researcher Open University



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* Corresponding Author