Erasmus - European exchange programme 

Students of maths or physics whose knowledge of foreign languages extends beyond Fortran 2008 and into the realm of European (spoken) languages can take part in the Socrates / Erasmus exchange with universities in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal or Spain. These pages attempt to provide valuable information for first and second-year students contemplating such an exchange.

The School of Physics and Astronomy's links are with universities in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Subject to conditions, students can follow any of our BSc courses and their degree will be classed as with study in Continental Europe. There is also the option of following an MSci programme with study in Continental Europe. For the BSc route, the year abroad is designed for students to experience life in another country, but for which the final mark obtained in examinations abroad will not contribute significantly to the final degree classification. For the MSci route, the year abroad is counted as the third year of a degree programme and therefore contributes to the degree classification in the normal way.



Dr C Mayhew (right) and his International Study tutees


Dr. Chris Mayhew
Erasmus co-ordinator

See the Erasmus and International Exchange pages for further information.

What our students say:

Matt – B.Sc. Physics (International Study) Full-time, Year 4


The year I spent studying in Toulouse, in the southwest of France, on the ERASMUS Year Abroad scheme was without a doubt the best experience of my life. I had known I wanted to spend one year of my university studies abroad since I applied during A Levels, but I never imagined just how great it would be.

I arrived expecting to improve my French, learn physics from a new perspective, and to experience living in a French city. On top of that, I met a great bunch of other students, not only English and French, but from all across Europe and from the rest of the world. I visited some beautiful cities in France and Spain, and I went on five days out skiing in the Pyrenees. Through my classes, my accommodation, the ERASMUS association events, and literally bumping into other British students and expats in the street, I made friends for life.

A year abroad is something I couldn't recommend highly enough. Whether you go to a country where you can speak a language you're learning or you go to an English-speaking country, you're sure to have many amazing experiences and meets lots of wonderful people.