Commissioned research and clinical consultancy

Commissioned research

Staff at the Centre are experienced in a wide range of research methods and can conduct research into all aspects of challenging behaviour, service need and provision and other issues relevant to children and adults with intellectual disability and neurodevelopmental disorders. Research can be commissioned by NHS Trusts, Charities or other agencies on an individual project basis or by a collaborative PhD studentship that is part funded by the School of Psychology (see the project page of Vicky Johnson for an example).

Clinical consultancy

Clinical consultancy on a wide range of areas is provided by staff at the Cerebra Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

Staff have particular expertise in self-injurious, aggressive and other challenging behaviours shown by children and adults with profound to moderate intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder and genetic syndromes associated with intellectual disability (e.g. Cornelia de Lange, Cri du Chat, Smith-Magenis, Lowe, Prader-Willi, Fragile X, Angelman, Down and other syndromes). Staff also have expertise in more general cognitive and behavioural assessments of children and adults with these diagnoses.

The Centre is funded to conduct research into the emotional, cognitive and behavioural problems experienced by children and young adults who have neurodevelopmental disorders. Clinical consultancies fall outside of the Centre’s funded activity and consequently need to be supported by income from fees. Fees cover: travel expenses, staff time for the collection of information by interview and observation, review of any written information and report preparation and time allocated to the consultation by a second person at the Centre (usually a PhD student or Researcher who would collate and summarise questionnaire information). The fees are not paid to the staff and students who conduct the consultation but are paid into a research fund that is used by the Centre to support further research and related activities, such as conference attendance for postgraduate students. A report is provided at the end of a consultation detailing the results of assessments and opinion.

To enquire about clinical consultancy contact the Centre via e-mail at: or