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Previous Speakers in our Seminar Series


Dr. Will Mandy, University College London. Gender differences in Autism Spectrum Disorder.February, 2012

Prof. Cecilia Essau, University of Roehampton. Anxiety disorders in Williams syndrome and the general population. February, 2012

Prof. Liz Pellicano, Institute of Education, London. Bridging autism, science and society: Moving toward an ethically informed approach to autism research. March, 2012

Dr. Elias Tsakanikos, Institute of Psychiatry, London. Epilepsy and co-morbid psychopathology in adults with intellectual disability. April, 2012

Prof. Sally-Ann Cooper, University of Glasgow. Psychopathology and problem behaviours experienced by people with intellectual disabilities. April, 2012

Dr. Amanda Ludlow, University of Birmingham. Visual stress in ASD. June, 2012

Dr. Peter McGill, Tizard Centre, Kent. Can we reduce the prevalence of challenging behaviour in people with intellectual disabilities? October, 2012

Prof. Helen McConachie, University of Newcastle. Understanding and measuring repetitive behaviours in autism. November, 2012

Dr. Honey Heussler, University of Queensland. Practicalities of sleep problems in children and adults with developmental disorders. December, 2012


Prof. Karmiloff-Smith, Birkbeck University of London. The importance of cross-syndrome comparisons: a neuroconstructivist, domain-relevant perspective. January, 2011

Prof. Jeremy Turk, South London & Maudsley Foundation NHS Trust. An update on fragile X syndrome work and its wider relevance to helping individuals with intellectual disabilityJanuary, 2011.

Dr. Joni Holmes: Northumbria University Working memory training: Does it work? February 2011.

Dr. Chris Stinton, University of BirminghamExamining reports of mental health in adults with Williams syndrome, March 2011.

Dr. Sarah White: Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London. Heterogeneity in autism: Does intact task performance equate to intact cognition and vice versa? April 2011

Prof. Derek Moore, University of East London. Are neurobehavioural impairments associated with FMR1 gene expansion in carrier males? Exploring divergent pathways across the Fragile X continuum. April, 2011

Dr Chris Jones, Ridgeway Partnership (Oxfordshire Learning Disability NHS Trust) Friendship, romance and possibly more – reflections on setting up a Dating Agency for people with learning disabilities in Oxfordshire May 2011.

Vivien Cooper, Challenging Behaviour Foundation. Getting the right support in the right place at the right time for individuals with learning disabilities whose behaviour challenges services. The work of the Challenging Behaviour Foundation. October, 2011.

Dr. Atsushi Senju,Birkbeck, University of London. Typical and atypical development of spontaneous social cognition. December, 2011.