Honorary Staff

Krupa Sheth

Email: Krupa.d.sheth@googlemail.com
Tel: +44 (0) 121 414 3344

Krupa Sheth has been a research associate with the CNDD since February 2011. Her current research interests include advocating towards evidence-based research practice and executive functioning in individuals with intellectual disabilities.

With previous experience as an Assistant Psychologist for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders, challenging behaviours and learning disabilities at Harperbury Hospital (London), Krupa Sheth joined the research team at the Cerebra Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders to be more engaged in how research can be used to further assist those with neurodevelopmental disorders with a more real-life applicability, moving for more credible evidence-based research practice.

Qualifications: MSc. Rehabilitation Psychology (University Of Nottingham) 2010
BSc (Hons.) Psychology (University of Nottingham) 2008

Research interests: Autism, Challenging Behaviour, Executive Functioning & Cognitive Training

Research activities: 

  • Current research in Autism
    This project hopes to uncover current research trends in autism and examine its relevant applicability to the well-being and quality of life of parents, carers and persons living with autism.
  • Exploring parental concerns and issues: Caring for a child with fragile X syndrome   Researchers at the CNDD attended the Fragile X Society Annual Conference (September 2011) at the University of Birmingham to directly engage with parents and carers and further explore the shared concerns of parents and those caring for a child with fragile X into the hardship they face. It was hoped this would provide a guideline for future research ventures to directly support their needs.
  • Understanding the association between executive functioning and behavior in disorder populations
    In collaboration with the team in the School of Psychology (University of Birmingham) this research aims to provide a better understanding of the associations between executive functioning and clinically relevant behaviours within disordered populations with the ultimate goal to train specific areas of executive functioning to have a specific and desired effect on these behaviours through the development of a cognitive training program.

Other activities: Mentor to young children & Volunteer for the charity Kids Company (London)


Dr Joanna Saddington

Joanna completed her Clinical Doctorate at Birmingham University, undertaking her research thesis with Prof. Chris Oliver investigating the behavioural phenotype of Soto's syndrome.  Joanna now predominantly works clinically, but maintains her research links within the team.