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REBT books and studentsThe Centre for Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy at the University of Birmingham was formerly established in 2004 after becoming the only training centre for REBT in the United Kingdom affiliated to the Albert Ellis Institute in New York. The Centre was developed by Professor Peter Trower and Professor Windy Dryden, who were keen to promote the use of REBT in the United Kingdom. 

Albert Ellis InstituteThe United Kingdom has many professionals trained in the use of REBT and one organisation, the Association of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapists (AREBT). Given the Centre's close links with the Albert Ellis Institute, we hope that the UK’s contribution to REBT can now be discussed more broadly within an international community.It remains unclear why REBT has a less prominent identity than more generic of cognitive-behaviour therapy. One of the main aims of the Centre for REBT is to address this by promoting the identity of REBT in the UK. Through the use of national conferences, workshops, professional training, research into the empirical status of REBT, and accredited supervision for REBT practitioners. The Centre for REBT is affiliated to the Albert Ellis Institute, New York. Through our contacts with the Albert Ellis Institute we have links to other REBT affiliated training and research centres throughout the world. The Centre for REBT is hosted by the University of Birmingham, however the accrediting body for our certificate and training is the Albert Ellis Institute in New York, rather than the University of Birmingham.

All of the staff at the Centre for REBT are Honorary staff members of the University of Birmingham and receive payment only for time spent teaching or supervising students.

The Centre has recently forged links with the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Programme to share administration and promote CBT-based therapies.