Student discussion in course seminarThe Centre for Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy is the only Albert Ellis Institute accredited training centre in the United Kingdom. Our courses are accredited by the Albert Ellis Institute, rather than the University of Birmingham who act as host for the Centre.

We provide training at the Centre for REBT in the exactly the same format as that provided by the Albert Ellis Institute in New York. Each training course includes a mixture of both didactic teaching and peer counselling. Our training standards and accreditation processes are monitored by the Albert Ellis Institute to ensure that we provide training at the same standard.

We have found that previous students have particularly valued the chance to undertake supervised peer counselling, and that this, more than anything else has helped them to learn not only what REBT is, but how to do REBT.

Currently we provide three different training courses each building on the one before it:

Associate Fellowship Certificate

The Associate Fellowship Practicum is the third stage of training in REBT.

It is part of the process of conferring the status of Associate Fellow of the Albert Ellis Institute upon REBT therapists. It is designed to further increase course participants' theoretical understanding of the principles of REBT and offer feedback to participants on the nature and quality of the therapy they have been offering to service users in their area of practice. This is achieved through a combination of workshops and live supervision of therapy session recordings.

Dates: Autumn 2017 / TBCPlease contact if you are interested in attending the associate workshop.