The Role of Perception and Analysis in Developing Realistic Facial Animation

Hills Building room 1.20
Life and Environmental Sciences, Research
Tuesday 12th March 2013 (16:00-17:00)
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Part of the School Seminar Series

Speaker: Dr Darren Cosker, Computer Science, University of Bath

Host: Andrew Schofield, CN-CR

How do we create faces and performances that are perceptuallyequivalent to real ones? This is a challenging question, and one thatincorporates computer vision, graphics and psychology.In this talk I will outline work targeted at answering these questions, anddescribe research which combines these three areas. This includesbuilding detailed 3D models of human faces, extracting subtle (skin porelevel) facial movement and analysing this, creating systems that canreplicate and recreate this information, and how the perception of facescan be changed given subtle alterations in the movement of faces.I will also discuss implications in terms of visual effects in movies - which have come closest to this solution but at great expense and time.