Birmingham Boot Camp v2.0

Life and Environmental Sciences, Research
Friday 9th (12:00) - Monday 12th August 2013 (18:00)
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Advanced ERP Workshop

Taught by Prof. Steven Luck (U. California)

  • Introduction to ERPs
  • Principles of ERP recording
  • Analysis techniques
  • Some ERP background essential
  • Covers theory and application
  • ERPLAB practical workshop

Beginner to Intermediate tDCS & tACS Workshop

Taught by Dr. Roi Cohen Kadosh (U. Oxford)

  • Introduction to tCS (tDCS, tACS, tRNS)
  • Principles of tCS
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Research focused
  • Poster event
  • Presentation and Demo by Neuroelectrics

Early registration until 21st June. Registration open until 31st July.

See the Birmingham Boot Camp v2.0 website for further details.