One-day conference: 'It takes two to tango'

Muirhead Main Lecture Theatre, G15, Muirhead Tower, University Birmingham, Edgbaston Campus, R21 on Campus Map
Lectures Talks and Workshops, Life and Environmental Sciences, Students
Monday 6th July 2015 (09:00-17:30)
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'It takes two to tango': A translational approach to self–other dynamics

A one-day conference exploring the methods and research investigating the real-life implications of self-other cognition

Self-other Conference logoResearch on how the self interacts with others in everyday life (i.e., self-other dynamics) is integral for understanding successful and unsuccessful social interactions. As such, it is vital to outline the mechanisms of self-other dynamics as well as how our understanding of these mechanisms can be applied (i.e., translated) to improve social interaction in a diverse range of populations and contexts. This one-day conference, highlighting the translational aspect of research on self-other dynamics, draws on the conceptual and practical expertise of researchers at the University of Birmingham and beyond. 

We invited speakers from a broad range of psychological disciplines who contribute to such a translational understanding. Speakers will be grouped into four interrelated themes: 

  1. Research on the ‘nuts and bolts’ (i.e., mechanisms) of self-other dynamics from infancy to adulthood;
  2. Relevant methodological techniques that can critically examine self-other dynamics; 
  3. Translational research on how self-other dynamics can be used to improve social outcomes in typical populations; 
  4. Translational research on how deficits in self-other processing may be understood and addressed in atypical populations (e.g., autism). 

The poster session encourages people to present ideas that are works in progress.  During the evening reception, we will award one poster presenter judged to have the most transformative and innovative poster idea.  Open to researchers, practitioners and postgraduates, the conference will provide fertile ground for sharing of findings from a wide range of methodologies and populations, ultimately yielding collaborations both within and between institutions. 

Registration deadline: 30th June (Tuesday) 11:59pm, 2015

Poster abstract deadline: 26th June (Friday) 11:59pm, 2015

Poster acceptance notification: By 29th June (Monday), 2015

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