'Toddlers think for themselves!'

Frankland 305
Life and Environmental Sciences, Research
Monday 16th March 2015 (13:00-14:00)
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Part of the Social Cognitive Neuroscience Seminar Series

Speaker: Dr Elena Hoicka, University of Sheffield


Social learning has been a large focus of early developmental psychology for the past two decades. While importantly revealing how culture is transmitted to young children, questions about how young children come up with their own ideas and learn for themselves have been largely ignored. In this talk, I will present research showing that toddlers can be creative and come up with their own ideas. I will focus on two streams of research – toddlers’ creation of their own novel jokes, and toddlers’ divergent thinking with novel objects. However, I will also demonstrate that social learning can be an important part of children’s independent learning and thought, suggesting both of these strands of learning are inter-connected.