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School Seminar: Prof. Olivier Collignon

Online - a zoom link will be sent to you following registration
Wednesday 27 January 2021 (13:00-14:00)

For more information contact the Host for this event: Dr Wieske van Zoest (

Crossmodal plasticity: Recycling the multisensory scaffolding of functional brain networks.

The study of the functional organisation of brain regions deprived of their preferred sensory inputs (eg. the occipital cortex of the blind or the temporal cortex in the deaf) has recently provided unprecedented new insights on the old and controversial ‘nature versus nurture’ debate on the mind/brain development. More specifically, the observation that temporal regions in the deaf or occipital regions in the blind extend their response to inputs from the remaining senses highlight the role experience plays in shaping the sensory-tuning of brain regions. However, the fact that this crossmodal plasticity follows organisational principles similar to the ones observed in the hearing or sighted brain highlights that intrinsic forces impact on the development of the functional organisation of the brain. In my talk, I will suggest that crossmodal plasticity builds on the multisensory scaffolding of brain networks and helps maintain the main functional homeostasis of regions deprived of their preferred sensory inputs.

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