Developmental and Social Cognitive Neuroscience Seminar (Speaker: Katherine Ellis)

Frankland 309b
Life and Environmental Sciences, Research
Monday 17th November 2014 (13:00-14:00)
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The development of social cognition in genetic syndromes

Part of the Developmental Neuroscience Seminar Series

Speaker: Katherine Ellis, University of Birmingham

Recent research investigating theory of mind (ToM) has shifted from a single cognitive process approach (i.e. understanding others false beliefs) to an extended series of ToM abilities that emerge at certain developmental points. These findings have been informative to our understanding of ToM development in both typical and atypical populations.

In this talk, I will outline my rationale for extending this line of research to groups of individuals with different genetic syndromes, which are typically characterised by contrasting and unique socio-behavioural phenotypes.

I will discuss how potential outcomes of this research will not only be informative to understanding the behavioural differences between these syndromes, but also how such research may inform how ToM develops and influences social behaviour in the typical population.