Student profile: Divya Chadha

Divya Chadha from India, PhD in Clinical Psychology 

"This Masters degree allowed me to network and meet people from all spheres of life."

Why I chose this programme

After I completed my MRes in Clinical Psychology, I got a job as a clinical studies officer with the Mental Health Research Network. The master’s degree provided me with good research skills which enabled me to get a perfect research job. One year into my job I got offered a PhD opportunity alongside my job and I am back at Birmingham with a job and a PhD! It’s all due to what I learned during my master’s degree.

I completed the Master’s of Research in Clinical Psychology. I chose this particular course as it provided a taught element but also provide placement opportunities to develop those classroom taught skills. The group was small and that ensured good quality teaching. The variety within the department helped me develop my skills in various areas of psychology. The placement opportunities allowed me to develop skills and experience within NHS settings. Most importantly, this master’s degree allowed me to network and meet people from all spheres of life. Not only did this master’s benefit me in my career but also as a general life experience as well! Going to University taught me great life skills.

In the future I would like to develop a research and teaching career and hope to be back at the University teaching!

Living in Birmingam

I moved to Birmingham and coming from India, I felt right at home! I made good friends at University and the Selly Oak area was a great place to live.

Birmingham is a cultural melting pot and a perfect location in the UK. Not too far from London but not too close as well. Birmingham has an Asian area, China town, the Bullring- almost everything that you will require. With so many international students, I always felt right at home.

The Edgbaston campus is perfect location. Not too far from the city but not in the absolute centre of it. It’s like a village in itself, with everyone living and being part of a community. Edgbaston is self sufficient and campus has all the amenities required.

The sports atmosphere at Birmingham is what caught my eye. I joined the rowing club and still continue it as a sport.

My advice

My advice to other international students would be "Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have to anyone! The people are friendly and you just need to have the courage to ask people. Get out there and enjoy the full experience of what Birmingham has to offer!"