Joaquin Marquez Bugella, Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Robotics

Joaquin Marquez Bugella

"I've learned to program simulations to shed light onto the highly interesting and yet mostly undiscovered field of brain mechanisms."

After working as a technician in a neuroscientific laboratory for nearly four years and acquiring a broad knowledge of computational models and analyses, I made up my mind to consolidate and enhance my theoretical understanding of the brain by taking up a masters course that combined theory and practical neuroscience.

The CNCR Masters Course fulfilled this requirement as it combines theoretical with practical knowledge in both taught modules and placements. In addition, the Course offered me the opportunity of getting highly valuable experience in Brain Imaging.

Due to my working experience and my computer engineering background, the module I enjoyed most by far was “Mind, brain and models”, whose lectures were a combination of engineering and maths with neuroscience. I've learned to program simulations for each of the topics covered so as to shed light onto the highly interesting and yet mostly undiscovered field of brain mechanisms. Not forgetting to mention the “Brain Imaging” modules where I was shown the latest breakthroughs in imaging techniques and analysis by experts in the field.

Whilst currently employed in a different area, I am developing a company of computational services and consultancy focused on science and the discipline, that will satisfy my thirst for knowledge and allow me to stay in touch with the thrilling field that is The Brain.

I would strongly recommend the CNCR Masters Course to computer engineering students like me who want to explore the exciting world of science rather than joining the common and highly populated area of IT.


* The CNCR masters course is now taught as an MSc.