Ku Nurul Izzah Ku Seman, BSc Psychology

Ku Nurul Izzah Ku Seman

My name is Ku Nurul Izzah Ku Seman and I am a third year student on BSc Psychology.

I chose to come to study here because of the environment and reputation. I prefer a campus-style university to non campus ones because it feels close, everything is located in one place. Besides that, the Psychology degree offered by the University has a strong reputation; accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) and excellent in research. What attracted me most was that when I looked at the modules, there were many different areas of psychology offered. This has exposed me to new things and indirectly helps me to choose an area in which to specialise in the future. Furthermore, the teaching staffs are very supportive. We even have our own Facebook group where staff and students can communicate issues freely. My experience with the teaching staff, particularly my personal tutor and lecturers has been great. My personal tutor is very supportive of my learning and has helped me to settle down quickly.

My personal highlight of my time here has been living independently, thousands of kilometres away from home, with friends instead of family, which has really changed me. Although I did stay in student accommodation back in Malaysia when I was doing my A-Levels, it is different here, because there are no familiar faces, you hardly hear familiar language and you cannot get your favourite food unless you cook it yourself. Nevertheless, living in Birmingham so far, has been great. Life is easier here with the advances in technology. The transport system is well connected, making it easy to travel from one place to another. Somehow, Birmingham is similar to Kuala Lumpur in the sense that different cultures coexisted harmoniously. Having grown up within the diverse culture of Malaysia, living in Birmingham does not make me feel out of place.

I am a member of the University's Islamic Society (ISoc). Participating in ISoc activities has helped me to grow as a better human, spiritually, and at the same time, meet new, amazing friends. Besides that, I also joined Malaysian Society to get to know other Malaysians and being with Malaysian community here makes me feel at home. During my free time, I volunteer with the Birmingham Child Contact Centre to gain some experience of dealing with children and to mix with locals.

I would like to be a clinical psychologist in the future, specialising in children and adolescents. My top tip to other students thinking of coming here is get active and grab all opportunities offered to you. Equip yourself with skills while you're studying, it will benefit you in the future. The university has so much to offer, so make the best out of it and have fun. After all, university is supposed to be one of the best phases of our life!