James Blundell

James Blundell

School of Psychology
Doctoral Researcher

Contact details

School of Psychology
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Title of PhD: Cognitive Assessment of Paediatric Neurodegenerative Disease

Supervisor: Dr Andrew Olson

My research interests include the neuropsychological & neurophysiological assessment of metabolic neurodegenerative disease in children. These are a large and complex class of genetic disorders that result from the inactivity of one or more specific enzymes which are necessary in the normal development of the central nervous system. The primary aim is to explore the cognitive homogeneity and define the developmental trajectories within and across these disorders.

This is achieved through the construction of a neuropsychological test battery, designed specifically for children with metabolic disorders, which taps four cognitive domains: Memory, Language, Attention, and Motor Function. Establishing a test battery which is sensitivity to both developmental and neurodegenerative change is vital for assessing the impact of emerging novel therapies on improving cognitive function.


2007 - BSc Psychology: University of Bangor

2010 - MRes Brain Imaging & Cognitive Neuroscience: University of Birmingham


Research interests

  • Neurodegenerative populations
  • Eyetracking
  • Neurological imaging



Allen, H., Ledgeway, T., Kelly, N., Hutchinson, C., Blundell, J. (2011), Divided attention impairs motion perception in older adults. Journal of Vision. Vol 11. Art 97.

Ban, H., Blundell, J., Welchman, A. (2011), Translating from local disparities to surface slant in the human visual cortex. Journal of Vision. Vol 11. Art 42

External Presentations

Blundell, J., Olson, A. (2012). Cognitive Assessment of Paediatric Neurodegenerative Disease: Morquio Syndrome (MPS IVa). Bham Uni Post Conference

Blundell, J., Kearney, S., Gissen, P., Hendriksz, C., Vijay, S., Chakrapani, A., Frisson, S., Olson, A. (2013), Measuring cognitive effects of metabolic disease using eyemovements. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism. 108: 25

Blundell, J., Kearney, S., Horton, J., Olson, A., Chakrapani, A. (2013), Visual attention in children with Morquio syndrome. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism. 108: 25