Rosanna Laverick

Rosanna Laverick

School of Psychology
Doctoral Researcher

Contact details

School of Psychology
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Rosanna Laverick is undertaking a postgraduate fellowship with the Stroke Association, looking at post stroke cognitive decline. No two strokes are alike - the damage from each stroke leaves its own unique signature on a person’s brain and behavior. The current project will investigate how different types of stroke affect a person’s long term recovery or deterioration.


  • BSc Hons Psychology
  • MRes Cognitive Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation


Rosanna Laverick previously studied at the University of Birmingham undertaking a masters in Cognitive Neuropsychology. Following this she worked on a research project at the University, looking at the rehabilitation of Apraxia following stroke. She then worked at University College London. Researching cognitive impairment, ageing and cardiovascular risk in HIV.

Doctoral research

PhD title
Neurocogntive markers for post stroke cognitive decline
Supervisors Dr Pia Rotshtein and Dr Akram Hosseini


Research interests

Stroke, Cognition, Dementia, Ageing. 


Laverick R, Haddow LJ, Daskalopoulou M, Lampe F, Gilson R, Speakman A, Antinori A, Bruun T, Vassilenko A, Collins S, Rodger A. (2017) Self-reported difficulties with everyday function, cognitive symptoms and cognitive function in people with HIV. JAIDS

Laverick, R., Wulff, M., Honisch, J. J., Chua, W. L., Wing, A. M., & Rotshtein, P. (2015). Selecting object pairs for action: Is the active object always first?Experimental brain research.

Laverick R, Wulff M, Humphreys G, Wing AM and Rotshtein P (2015). Mechanisms underlying selecting objects for action. Front. Hum. Neurosci. 9:199. 

Haddow LJ, Laverick R, Daskalopoulou M, McDonnell J,  Lampe F, Gilson R, Speakman A, Antinori A, Balestra P, Bruun T, Gerstoft J, Nielsen L, Vassilenko A, Collins S, Rodger A. (2017) Multicenter European prevalence study of neurocognitive impairment and associated risk factors in HIV positive patients. Aids and Behaviour. 

Howe J, Sumner E, Drozdowska B, Chua W, Laverick R, Wright RL, Jean-Baptiste E, Pastorino M, Fioravanti A, Cogollor JM, Rojo J, Russell M, Rotshtein P, Wing AM. The efficacy of a task model based approach to ADL rehabilitation in stroke apraxia and action disorganisation syndrome. (in progress)

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