Dr Linda Wheeldon

Dr Linda Wheeldon

School of Psychology
Reader in Psycholinguistics

Contact details

School of Psychology
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


  • MA in Psychology and Linguistics (Edinburgh University)
  • PhD in Experimental Psychology (Cambridge University)


Prior to moving to Birmingham, Linda Wheeldon was a scientific staff member of the Max Planck institute for Psycholinguistics at Nijmegen, in The Netherlands.


Introduction to Psycholinguistics; Speaking and Reading.


The bulk of my research focuses on language production processes, in particular, the processes underlying the generation of spoken sentences. One of my major interests is in the nature and timing of sentence planning processes, in particular how much planning we usually accomplish before we begin to speak. I have investigated the advanced planning of grammatical structure, using both reaction time and eye-tracking paradigms.

I am also interested in the generation of the phonological structure of speech. i.e., how we generate the syllabic and segmental structure of words in context and how the rhythmic and intonational structure of utterances is planned.

I am also interested in the acquisition of phonological and prosodic structure in young children and the role of phonological structure in reading. More recent research aims to investigate the representation of morphological structure in the adult mental lexicon using fMRI techniques. 

Recent research grants

Principal investigator, ESRC Research Grant: L. R Wheeldon, Aditi Lahiri (Oxford) and Peter Hansen, Putting morphology back in the mental lexicon: An fMRI study of derivational processes in English (2011-2012).

Principal investigator, ESRC Research Grant: L. R Wheeldon, Aditi Lahiri (Oxford) Producing words in connected speech: the role of prosodic units (2009-2010).

Co-investigator, ESRC Research Grant: A.S. Meyer and L.R Wheeldon, Speech planning in multiple object naming (2002-2004).


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