The Birmingham ERP Boot Camp

ERP logo17-20 July 2018
University of Birmingham
Led by Professor Steve Luck, Center for Mind and Brain (UC Davis) and Dr Emily Kappenman, San Diego State University 

Birmingham ERP Boot Camp schedule coming soon

The Birmingham ERP Boot Camp is a condensed version of the 10-day UC-Davis ERP Boot Camp. This workshop provides an intensive introduction to the ERP technique, designed for beginner and intermediate ERP researchers at the graduate, postgraduate, and faculty levels. The goal of the workshop is to provide an in-depth introduction to the everyday procedures that are used in ERP research, with an emphasis on how specific ERP components can be used in the study of many aspects of cognitive neuroscience, including perception, attention, language, and memory. The workshop will include demonstrations of how to analyse data with ERPLAB Toolbox, an NIH-funded open source Matlab toolbox for ERP data processing, and will also provide practical tips on how to collect high-quality EEG.

The Birmingham ERP Boot Camp, led by Steve Luck and Emily Kappenman, will provide participants with an opportunity to learn how to use this powerful tool for ERP processing and analysis and it will be tightly linked with Professor Luck's book, An Introduction to the Event-Related Potential Technique (MIT Press).

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Professor Steve Luck, UC Davis
Dr Emily Kappenman, San Diego State University


  1. Introduction to ERPs and ERP Components
  2. Design and Interpretation of ERP Experiments
  3. Basic Principles of ERP Recording
  4. Averaging, Artifact Rejection, and Artifact Correction
  5. Filtering and Time-Frequency Analysis
  6. Measurement and Analysis of ERP Components

Schedule (PDF 101KB) 


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