Treatment of Obesity

Doctoral researcher-led conference

Treatment of Obesity conference logoFriday 29 June 2012

School of Psychology,
University of Birmingham

In 2008, 1 billion adults were overweight and 500 million were obese. The health and economic consequences of this situation are well publicised, and researchers around the world are currently focussed on a variety of treatments.

Approaches include dietary and behavioural interventions, bariatric surgery, and anti-obesity drugs. This conference – sponsored by the University of Birmingham and the Centre for Obesity Research - will pool together the collective expertise of academics and clinicians in these fields, providing an opportunity to share new ideas and innovations in research that can be applied to the obesity crisis.

In addition to the four thematic sessions, we will also be holding poster sessions to showcase more work in these areas – awarding a prize to best poster.

The conference is free to attend, and refreshments and lunch will be provided during the day.

The conference programme (PDF 976Kb) can be dowloded here and will be emailed to all delegates.

To apply to attend, please go to the registration page.

Centre for Obesity Research