EEG electrodesEPSRC Project Grant

(Andrew Bagshaw/Theodoros Arvanitis, £716k FEC, 2012-2015)
The human brain as a complex system: investigating the relationship between structural and functional networks in the thalamocortical system.

Dr Hadwen Trust

(Andrew Bagshaw/Dirk Ostwald, £134k, 2011-2014)
Development and experimental validation of an information theoretic approach to the multimodal integration of human EEG and fMRI data.

Brain activity measured with functional MRI during sleep (axial slice)Royal Society International Joint Project

(Andrew Bagshaw/Franca Tecchio/Camillo Porcaro, £12k, 2010-2012)
The Key Movement Controllers: an EEG/fMRI study of the hand network dynamics.

EPSRC Project Grant

(Andrew Bagshaw, £456k FEC, 2008-2011)
Development of single trial EEG-fMRI: investigations of dynamic brain function at high temporal and spatial resolution.