The School of Psychology offers a number or PhD studentship each year and we would welcome PhD applications from potential students who are eligible to apply for such studentships.

Recent and ongoing projects

Research projects Principal Investigator Researcher Sponsor State
Estimating intrinsic characteristics of real images to aid analysis. Andrew Schofield / Jeremy Wyatt Xiaoyue Jaing EPSRC Active
Mechanisms of shading and texture analysis in the perception of 3-D surfaces Andrew Schofield / Mark Georgeson Paul Rock EPSRC Completed
Texture cue integration and texture / shading integration Andrew Schofield/ Frederick Kingdom Collaboration with McGill Vision Active
Optic Flow Mike Harris EPSRC Completed


Postgraduate projects Student Supervisor Sponsor State
Shape, shading and illumination Giacomo Mazzilli Andrew Schofield EPSRC project studentship Started Oct 2009
Perceptual learning in shape from shading Dicle Dovencioglu Andrew Schofield and Andrew Welchman School funded Started Oct 2008
Setu Havanur Harriet Allen Started Oct 2008
Matthew Patten Andrew Welchman Started Dec 2008
Natalie Kelly Harriet Allen Started Oct 2008
Arthur Lugtigheid Andrew Welchman
Using texture cues to disambiguate luminance variations in natural images Peng Sun Andrew Schofield EPRSC - Doctoral training account Started Jan 2006
Tim Preston Zoe Kourtzi Completed
Perceptual Control of Braking Paul Rock Mike Harris MRC Degree Awarded
After-effects in 2nd order vision Alice Cruickshank Andrew Schofield BBSRC Degree Awarded
The role of optic flow in steering strategies Ben Andrews Mike Harris EPSRC Degree Awarded