Developing Skills for Psychologists/Neuroscientists 1: Making it work at University


The module will use psychological case-studies, scenarios and problem-based learning to encourage engagement with study skills in a manner tailored to Psychology and Neuroscience students’ needs. The use of case studies and scenarios is intended to demonstrate the professional relevance of the skills addressed. The module learning outcomes align directly with the QAA’s generic skills for Psychology students.

Interactive Lectures (consisting of introduction to materials and small group-based activities):

  • Adapting to University Study (General Study skills);
  • Finding what you need to know (Library Induction);
  • Representing your input professionally (Plagiarism);
  • What each of us can bring to the task (Group working skills);
  • Looking beneath the surface (Critical thinking);
  • Sharing understandings (Writing skills).


  • Getting the most out of your Research Methods modules (Basic Maths and Probability skills);
  • Working with your Feedback (Learning from feedback)

3 tutorial sessions to encompass a draft, peer-feedback, redraft and submit cycle for an essay.
(plus 1 reading week)




2x Online tests (2x per semester) consisting of MCQs, MAQs, and tasks that can receive rapid automated feedback (30% each; 60% overall);
1x Tutorial essay 1000 words (40%).