Neural Basis of Movement


  • Intro to sensory-motor systems and neural recording methods
  • Spinal reflexes and proprioception
  • Cortical motor systems
  • Oculomotor systems
  • Basal ganglia, sequence learning and reinforcement learning
  • Associative learning in simple systems
  • Hippocampus, LTP and spatial memory
  • Cerebellum, LTD, VOR, eye-blink conditioning
  • Neural coding
  • Cognitive motor control 


  • 10 x 90-minute lectures
  • 10 x 30-minute module clinics
  • 1 x two-hour workshops
  • 2 x one-hour revision seminars 


Examination paper - 1 hour (75%) – the exam format allows selection of some topics to be studied in depth, with assessment of written essays, while the breath of the course knowledge is assessed with short note answers.

Workshop report (25%)  - the workshop introduces a small project, to be completed out of contact hours and assessed by a lab report (750 word).