The Development of Attachment Behaviour


On this module, students will be introduced to the study of social development, in general, with a specific focus on the development of attachment behaviour.

The study of social development will be introduced in lectures on:

  • Theoretical perspectives on social development
  • Designs for studying development
  • The foundations of social interaction
  • Key questions in the study of development

In addition, lectures will cover:

  • Theories of attachment
  • How attachment develops
  • How attachment quality is measured
  • Individual and cultural differences in, and the factors that influence, attachment security/insecurity
  • Correlates and outcomes associated with attachment security/insecurity
  • Other key issues (e.g. the effects of early deprivation)


  • 11 x 1-hour lectures
  • 2 x 2-hour workshops
  • 10 x 1-hour drop-in sessions


  • Examination (answer two unseen essay questions from a choice of five) (95%)
  • Tutorial-linked mini essay (5%)

Please note that the format of papers in the supplementary examinations may differ from the equivalent main examination paper or class test. Re-sit and deferral students should check the details of the assessment format of supplementary examinations with the Module Leader

Key skills

  • Critical thinking
  • Organisation and planning
  • Written communication