Conceptual Cosmopolitanism: What conceptual relativity might be and could do

ERI Building - Room 149 (1st Floor)
Arts and Law, Research, Students
Monday 29th April 2013 (16:15-18:00)
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Tim Button (University of Cambridge)

Conceptual Cosmopolitanism: What Conceptual Relativity Might Be and Could Do


Conceptual relativism involves the claim that what exists is (somehow) relative to our approaches and frameworks. This is sometimes invoked to debunk various metaphysical projects, which are presumed to have framework-independent ambitions. I have good news and bad news for conceptual relativists with such motivations. The bad news is that conceptual relativity is incoherent. The good news is that there is a coherent position---conceptual cosmopolitanism---which addresses the attractions of conceptual relativism, and will do just as well at debunking metaphysics.