Human enhancement: three perspectives

ERI Building - Room 149 (1st Floor)
Arts and Law, Research, Students
Friday 31st May 2013 (13:00-17:40)
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Human enhancement: three perspectives

Royal Institute of Philosophy workshop

13.00-14.20 “Enhancement, Human Identity, and Authenticity”
Alexandre Erler (Oxford)

14.20-14.40 Tea and Coffee Break

14.40-16.00 “Smarter, Stronger, Faster, Better – A Brave New World”
Georgia Testa (Leeds)

16.00-16.20 Tea and Coffee Break

16.20-17.40 “Is 'human enhancement' a useful moral category?”
Simon Rippon (Central European University)

17.40 Drinks and Dinner

We human beings are better and better in manipulating ourselves by using biomedical technologies. We can take doping to become better athletes, have cosmic surgery to become more beautiful, take pills to feel better and be more intelligent, and so on. Very soon, we will also be able to manipulate the genetic material of future generations to change what we are like as the mankind in even more fundamental ways. These new possibilities have created intensive ethical debates in the area known as human enhancement. At this workshop, three exciting junior scholars consider questions such as what the distinction between enhancements and other interventions is, whether this distinction is morally relevant, whether enhancements are a threat to our human identity and authenticity, and what kind of other strong moral concerns the new technologies give rise to, for example, with respect to social justice.

The workshop is open to all audiences, and there is no attendance fee (refreshments will be free, but drinks and dinner will not be included). For enquiries, please email Dr Jussi Suikkanen.